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For just $10, you can gift a balm (15ml) to the needful.

(as of 28/10/2022)

This is an ongoing pay-it-forward initiative run by trust & honesty, no obligations! There'll always be someone out there who aren't as fortunate as others. This initiative allows all of us to give back to the community together. And we cannot do it without you!

"In this really simple scheme, the help are two folds - we assist the parents & ease the need for them to fork out the money to purchase the balm, while the balm would help the wellbeing of the child." - Bob Mubarak 

How it works?

  1. Add GIVE-A-BALM in your cart to donate a balm.
  2. When you contribute, one of those in queue for NEED-A-BALM will receive their needed balm.

Note: We respect your privacy, information of Giver & Receiver will not be disclosed.

Benefits for Giver

  • You'll make known if someone has benefited from your charity. (Though, name will not be revealed, we keep records.)
  • You'll earn BOW Points that can be redeem into discounts, vouchers & freebies.
  • "The hand that Gives is better than the hand that Receives."
  • BOW, the receiver & family will be so grateful to you for your kindness!


How will i know if someone has benefited from my contribution?
You'll receive an email when someone does.

Will i know who is rewarded from my contribution?
All records of Giver & Receiver are kept confidential, unless necessary to make known. This will be case to case basis. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

Why are records kept confidential?
Realistically, there are many needful persons among us but not everyone is comfortable to ask for help publicly. We felt that this is one of the way we are able to reach out to them.

How do i know that the people in NEED-A-BALM queue are really in need of help?
It's understandable to have doubts if your contribution is being utilized & reached the right people. Not wanting to donate does NOT make you a bad person. It's your right to choose. Again, this initiative is based on honesty & trust by all parties. Only contribute if you are comfortable & sincerely want to support this initiative & the targeted people.

How does BOW play a role in this initiative?
Apart from arranging proceeds between the parties, BOW delivers to the needful for free. All delivery cost are borne by BOW in this initiative.

“Giving liberates the soul of the Giver.”

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