About us

Bottle of Wellness started in February 2016, based in Singapore. Specialised in kids friendly products. A mother of two who looks out for the best, most natural & safest ingredients for her little precious ones since 2014. She believes the best starts from home. Their oiling journey started from an introduction by their doula, due to their breastfeeding struggles. The first essential oil they ever owned was fennel.


All of B.O.W products are naturally handcrafted & organic. Started brewing fresh in our outmost comfort zone, the home sweet home. We handcraft products in only in small batches at a time. 

Products are created also based on our experience in daily life. Most of our products are used & tested by our close love ones (families & friends) who gave us honest feedbacks before releasing out for sale. This also shows the importance of the quality of our products as it is used especially by our own flesh & blood & our very close kin. 



The logo symbolises mother & child bond, taking the form of leaves. Leaf symbolizes nature & that's the only thing we want to work with. We strive to create natural & chemical free products. NO NASTIES! Only ingredients you can pronounce.