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What can i use it for?

Roll-on range is great for on-the-go. You can use it to relieve achy muscles/joints, indigestion, stomach wind, constipation, colic, diarrhoea, gastric, heart burn,  acid reflux, period cramps & alike. Result may vary from person to person.

Who can use it? 

It is generally recommended to be used on infant 3 months & above, toddlers & adults. We used it on our baby from newborn but this is subjective. Use only if you are comfortable.


Grapeseed oil (previously Fractionated Coconut oil)

Essential Oils:

Spearmint - promotes digestive health (previously peppermint)

Ginger - helps treat poor digestion

Patchouli - help intestinal tract run properly and smoothly.

Coriander - improve digestion

Tarragon - stimulates peristaltic motion in the intestines

Juniper - maintains the proper secretions of bile in stomach

Fennel - relieves gas & indigestion

Lemongrass - prevent gas from forming

Anise - promote digestion


Massage onto aching areas in a circular, clockwise motion.

For tummy aches, walk your fingers around navel/abdomen, clockwise.

Safe for daily use.


- External use only.

- Perform a skin patch test. Apply any carrier oil (olive, coconut oil etc) to dilute further, stop usage & consult doctor immediately if adverse reaction occurs.

- Keep away from heat & sunlight.

- Stop use & consult doctor if condition worsens & symptoms last more than 7 days.

- While most ingredients are generally safe, use cautiously on epileptic person & pregnant woman.

- Always consult doctor when unsure.

- Ointment is best used within 6 months but has a shelf life of 1 year.

- Result varies from person to person.

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