DIY - 1-2-3 Steps All Natural Homemade Balm

DIY - 1-2-3 Steps All Natural Homemade Balm

Super simple & easy Do-it-yourself All Natural Balm - 3 steps to create your own worry-free balm! Know what goes into your jar. Balms are just not restricted to just vapour/chest/cough rubs but almost everything under the sun. Depending on what user or you required, you can go cray with this; skin balm, lip balm etc. 

Since i became a mom, i was so conscious of what i put on my babies. I always believe that they are fresh from the oven, blank piece of pure canvas or clay that'll mould into whatever you carved. Hence, i felt that it's important to keep things as close as we can to mother nature. So, natural remedy is the way to go! 

Time taken: 15 mins
This will make: 40ml (1 jar)

What you'll need

30ml jar (get it here - BOW DIY STARTER KIT)
Measuring glass
Measuring scoop
Double Boiler 

Good to have

Glass spatula
Kitchen thermometer


40ml - carrier oil of your choice (virgin coconut oil, olive oil, grape seed oil etc)
15g - beeswax pastilles (get it here - BOW DIY STARTER KIT)
12 drops* - Essential oils 
                    Example: For cough - Spearmint EO
                                     For skin rashes - Lavender EO

*Refer to dilution guide below. Commonly, 2-3 essential oils are mixed together.


1. Melt beeswax in the carrier oil in the measuring glass (over double boiler).
Beeswax usually starts to melt at 65 degree celcius.

2. Once beeswax melted & mixed well into the carrier oil, remove from heat & let it cool down for 5 mins.
If you have a kitchen thermometer, pour it into the jar when it's between 65 - 70 degree celcius.
It is important that you do not pour immediately into your jar when it's boiling, especially if it's made of plastic. 

3. Add essential oils into the jar - when it's a little cool but before it hardens. Stir well. 
As EOs are sensitive to heat, it's best to add them just before it hardens.

Congratulations! Once it's harden, you are ready to use it as & when needed. REMEMBER TO LABEL YOUR JAR! Don't worry if you can't get it right first time, lots of practice will get you familiar. 

Note: With that said, natural doesn't mean safe all the time. Always know what you put into your jar - learn & find out more about ingredients you are interested to use.

Caution: If you are preparing this for babies or children under age six, be sure to use essential oils that are appropriate for these ages. Essential oils are very potent & should be taken seriously as well as handle with care.

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All the best! Enjoy! If you have any questions, comment below!


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