DISCONTINUED: Charcoal Face Mask (120ml) - Limited edition

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What can i use it for?

Charcoal face mask will keep face healthy & glowing! Charcoal is a non-toxic universal antidote which eliminates toxins from your skin. It can also help to relieve swelling & pain, bug bites & burns etc. Thus, it's great for acne/pimples problems. This mask contains clay as well which can help to tighten your pores. Clay contains healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

WARNING: May stain light coloured clothing.

Who can use it?

It can only be used on adults only. * Results may vary from person to person.






LEMON Essential oil

WARNING: Citrus oils may cause skin sensitivity. Recommended not be applied to skin that will be exposed to direct sunlight or ultraviolet light within twelve hours.


Apply paste to face. Once dry, wash off gently but thoroughly. Avoid eye area.

Recommended use: Once or twice a week. Keep refrigerated.


- Perform a skin patch test. If you are sensitive to ingredients used, rinse off immediately & stop usage.

- Keep away from heat & sunlight.

- External use only. Stop use & consult doctor if condition worsens & symptoms last more than 7 days.

- While most ingredients are generally safe, use cautiously on epileptics & pregnant woman.

- Mask are best used within 3 months.

Result varies from person to person.